Varlıq Journal is a literature and culture magazine, which was published in Tehran between the years 1979-2014 (Hegira Calendar1358-1393) under the editorship of Professor Dr. Cevat Heyet, and is now being published in Ankara as of Summer 2015 under the editorship of M. Rıza Heyet. The Journal is published quarterly, as Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter issues.

Scope of the Journal is to examine the Turkish language, literature, history and culture in different countries, Iran and Azerbaijan being in the first place; to reveal and introduce the material and moral heritage of Turks, as well as to provide support for the protection, development and standardization of Turkish language in Iran.

Turkish is the main publication language of Varlık Journal. However, the Journal also includes scientific writings in Farsi, as well as English and Russian languages if need be.

Becoming a school and earning reputation as “Varlıq School” in progress of time, Varlık Journal grounds on being scientific and also aspires to raise the awareness of Iranian Turks who are deprived of right to be educated in the mother tongue.